Sunday, October 17, 2010

How's the walking?

The question I hear most often, "how is the walking?" I have to tell you that the walking is SLOW. Those of you who read every post know that my optimism had Eli walking by Halloween. I'm pretty sure the likelihood of that is nada.

Here are our problems:
  • The folks here think the prosthetics are too big. So, our current "help Eli walk" PT isn't even putting the legs on him. Not good.
  • The prosthetics are held on Eli by that strap around the waist. It does a very poor job of keeping them where they are supposed to stay. 
We are meeting a local prostheticist this week. I hope we can figure out some solutions to help Eli master this new skill quickly.

I'll add this: He is healthy and happy and that makes my heart leap. Last night at dinner, David was telling Eli, "I'm going to kiss your head." Then, he would come at Eli making smooching noises. Eli said very definitely "No you are not!" With a giant smile and an arm up in defense from the smooching. We both sat with pride bubbling up. Whenever Eli declares his desires, we can hardly not adhere. I remember a time when I was unsure if he'd be able to ask for things specifically. Praise God he can!

He will walk!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

I had that question asked of me several times this week. Thanks for sharing and that resembles walking in new cowboy boots, of course they always had to be too big and that takes some struggling and balancing. I agree 100%.
Eli will walk..Wishing I could pop over and see you even for a few minutes....I will soon. Bobalot

Anonymous said...

Halloween? Who cares! Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, New doesn't matter. We know he will walk and we will all rejoice! Thanks for the update. Thanks also for the great postcard of mini laps. Love it. Love you. Love to all. Can't wait to see you in November. GA Lesli

Stacie said...

Thanks for the update, Mel! I will be praying for the meeting later this week. And yes, HE WILL WALK!!!

Love you,