Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Newest Ramirez


I apologize for our too long wait between posts. This time it simply means we've been super busy.

You may remember that we told Sophia she could have a dog after the major surgeries. David and I decided that with only one left, we could take the plunge early. So, one week ago, Charlie the Yorkiepoo joined our family. He is 10 weeks old now and so sweet and fiesty.
Such a cute dog (think teddy bear, folks)...and adorable girl.

Elijah on Easter.

Eli, Sophia and Charlie on Easter.
On Monday, Eli and David travel to Shreveport. Eli will have his cast removed on Tuesday. Then, we won't be back in shreveport until July 21 for leg straightening. Eli is thriving!

Love you all,


Amberghini said...

Congrats on your new little furry addition! So glad I got to love on Eli on Easter! Seeing him scoot to the door in excitement was priceless!!!

Emily Kaye said...

SO CUTE...Cute girl, cute boy, and cute dog. How did Sophia decided on "Charlie" as a name for her new friend? Hope to see you when we visit in June!

Love you!

Rob and Kathy Gandy said...

This is a perfect post...darling kids, cute puppy, Eli thriving, (saw you're back from Shreveport). SO thrilled that things are going great and you all can stay away from the hospital for awhile. The Ramirez family ROCKS! God bless you all! PS BTW, we have 3 Yorkies, so we think you made a great choice! We like Poodles, too, so a Yorkiepoo is probably a perfect dog! Guess you COULD call Charlie a "Yoodle"? ;o)

Miss Amy said...

So Miss Kate and Nurse Kris as my witness, without any assistance Eli told us he had a Yorkie joke!