Saturday, July 26, 2008

Elijah sleeps...but not for long

David found Elijah in middle of the night snuggled in on his side sleeping away (don't misinterpret that to mean Eli is sleeping well, because he ain't). David thought it so cute, he had to take a pic and I agreed so I had to share. You see, Elijah has a flat spot on the side/back of his head due to his preferred sleeping position (and that pesky prematurely fused suture, but for now, we'll just talk about the sleeping position). It doesn't matter what we do, Eli will sleep on that one spot on his head. He is a determined little guy! So, when David discovered that Elijah had rolled to his side on his own, he thought it worth a photo.

Yes, that is a personal DVD player that apparently Elijah is snuggling with. He loves watching movies. My guess is that when Eli did wake from this slumber, he realized Clifford was out of reach and he began to holler, "Who took Clifford and left me this DVD player?" David and I both missed the outcry, but I betcha that sums it up.

Elijah is hanging on to his 13 pounds. He's sitting up more and getting stronger daily. Such a trooper!

David and I are still considering an "escape" with Sophia. The fact is that life with Eli is all work and no play. To add play to our lives takes drastic measures and a lot of planning, but we'll do what it takes.

Love you all,
Melissa Ramirez


Diane Davies said...

I hope it works out for you all to go somewhere with Sophia. I know how much you enjoyed the last trip and I also know how much you need another one. Haven't done much on your album lately. :( It's been a little stressful around here with Eric being home going on 11 weeks now! He might get released later this week. I hope so. Both he and I need him to go back to work!

aimeenky said...

That picture is SO cute. He looks so cozy and peaceful. Have you guys ever heard of an Amby baby basically looks like the thing a stork brings a baby in. We used it for our little one when he was smaller and he slept great and never got flat spots and he preferred a similar position to Eli. It's also great for reflux. They have a website check it out. Great to see Eli looking comfy! Praying for you guys often Aimee (Heald) Nielson

Angela Stevens said...

For a relaxing family outing, I suggest sunny Galveston, Texas!

Eli looks so cute. Isaac was quite partial to his clifford, too!